GET /triggers

Retrieve your trigger orders (stop losses and take profits). Requires a valid API key sent with the x-api-key header. When a stop or take profit is triggered and accepted by the engine, it is converted into an open order and can be retrieved through the /orders endpoint. If it is not accepted by the engine for whatever reason, it will still be available through this endpoint and will have a diagnostic message attached to it.

Query parameters

  • pair string

    Filter by market (e.g. "USD_BTCCALL_PERP")

  • start integer

    Start of time period to get stops for (in milliseconds UNIX time)

  • end integer

    End of time period to get stops for (in milliseconds UNIX time)

  • limit integer

    Amount of orders to get (default is 100)


  • 200 object


    • code integer

      Response code

    • msg string

      Diagnostic message

    • result array[object]


      • id string

        Unique identifier of order

      • pair string

        Market of order

      • price number

        Current price of order

      • Original price of order

      • qty_orig number

        Original quantity of order

      • Original USD quantity of order

      • Quantity not yet filled

      • Quantity that has been filled

      • side string

        BUY or SELL

      • status string


      • time number

        Time of last update, in milliseconds

      • Time in force. Can be GTC (Good Till Cancelled), FOK (Fill Or Kill) or IOC (Immediate Or Cancel).

      • type string

        Type of order. Can be LIMIT or MARKET.

      • oco string

        OCO ID of order

      • icebergs number

        Icebergs on order

      • Trigger price of order

      • Trigger event of order. Can be MARK_PRICE, INDEX_PRICE, LAST_PRICE or null.

      • If true, the order can only decrease the size of your position.

      • post_only boolean

        If true, the order can only trade as maker.

      • hidden boolean

        If true, the order does not show in the order book.

      • msg string

        If the order has been triggered, but could not be accepted by the matching engine, the reason will show here.

  • 503 object


GET /triggers
curl \
 -X GET \
 -H "x-api-key: $API_KEY"
Response example (200)
  "code": 200,
  "msg": "string",
  "result": [
      "pair": "USD_BTCCALL_PERP",
      "status": "ACTIVE",
      "qty_remaining": 0.01668,
      "price": 0.06909,
      "trigger_price": 0.17329,
      "trigger_event": "MARK_PRICE",
      "id": "38089ed0394011e9aab3bdc6c89d8f44",
      "time": 1551128359228
      "pair": "USD_BTCCALL_PERP",
      "status": "CANCELLED",
      "qty_remaining": 0.01668,
      "price": 0.06909,
      "trigger_price": 0.17329,
      "trigger_event": "LAST_PRICE",
      "id": "38089ed0394011e9aab3bdc6c89d8f44",
      "time": "1551128359228,",
      "msg": "Order was rejected due to insufficient balance"
Response example (503)
  "code": 503,
  "msg": "Invalid request",
  "result": {}