Everstrike API

Public API documentation for the Everstrike REST API.

For information on how to use the Everstrike Websockets API, head over to https://everstrikeio.github.io/everstrike-websockets-api/.

General information
Rate limits
  • The current rate limit is 20 requests per second.
  • Requests that exceeed this limit will be throttled.
  • A 429 response code is sent back if the user has broken the limits.
  • The x-ratelimit-remaining header contains the number of requests remaining before the limit is reached.
  • The x-ratelimit-remaining header is reset every second.
  • A single POST requests to an /auth endpoint (e.g. /auth/order) counts two times towards the limit (equivalent to two GET requests).
  • Need higher limits? We are happy to help. Just submit a request at https://support.everstrike.io/hc/en-us/requests/new.

This is the documentation for version 1.0.0 of the API. Last update on Aug 28, 2023.

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